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CYS COVID-19 Closure Patron FAQs

Was there a positive case of COVID-19 with a CYS staff, patron, or Family member?
At the time of our program closure, there were no known contacts between a confirmed positive COVID-19 case and our CYS programs.

How does the closure affect my billing?
March monthly bills were pro-rated to end either 20 March or 23 March depending on if you utilized Mission Essential care on Monday 23 March or not. If you had already paid for 15-31 March, you received a credit on your account for the days service was not offered. All bills will be coded to a special billing account and not charged to you until care resumes. Even if you have an auto-debit on file, no bills will be incurred until care resumes.

Will I have to reapply when we open?
If you were enrolled full time at the CDC or in the SAC After-School program, you will not need to reapply when care resumes.

What if my child’s pass expires or I have medical paperwork due while the program is closed?
If your child’s annual pass expires during the time we are closed, you will be asked to make an appointment within the first 2 weeks of re-opening to update that information. Please note that if your child is due for a health assessment, has immunizations due, has medications that have expired, or has other medical action paperwork due during this closure time, you will also be asked to provide those updated forms. If there are no changes to the Medical Action Plan, you as a parent can sign and date the existing form upon return to the program and a new one (with the doctor’s signature) will be required within 60 days of the program reopening. If there are changes to that form, a new one from the doctor must be received before you return to care. Medications MUST be updated prior to your child’s return to the program. If you cannot complete a Health Assessment or get immunizations because the clinics are not currently taking non-critical appointment requests, you will be asked to provide the appointment slip from the clinic showing when that health assessment or immunization is scheduled to be completed.

How can I get in touch with the FMWR CYS staff during closures for any questions?
You can call +1(608)388-7400 to reach an FMWR staff who can take your questions and have the appropriate personnel return your call. You can also reach the CYS Coordinator, Cori Yahnke, via email at

Does CYS provide recommendations for alternative care options?
We can provide you with a list of area teens who have completed the CYS Babysitter Certification course.

May we provide childcare in our homes in government housing during the CYS closure?
The regulations restricting in-home childcare to no more than 10 hours per week still apply during CYS program closures. You may not provide care for children in excess of that 10 hours per week.

When will CYS services reopen and how will we be notified?
The best answer to this question at this time is that we are unsure. As soon as it is safe and/or the Fort McCoy mission requires us to be open, we will notify patrons and resume care. We will send email notifications to all patrons at the same email addresses used for the closure notifications. We will also post the update on our Facebook page (McCoy CYS) and through other MWR social media platforms.

What is the best way to receive updates on CYS and FMWR services?
Updates are available on our Facebook page at McCoy CYS. You can follow the Fort McCoy MWR Facebook page as well. In addition to program updates, we will utilize Facebook to share messages from the staff for the children, activity ideas for home, and academic resources. If you have specific questions, please reach out to the CYS Coordinator, Cori Yahnke, at


Child and Youth Services Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information Sheet