EFMP Craft Night

Date: Mar 17 2020, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

ACS Family Building 2161

This is a great opportunity for parents with Exceptional Family Members to meet and exchange information, resources and ideas that meet the unique needs of their child(ren). This also provides the perfect chance for Families to mingle with new
Families and make new friends. Share your creativity as a Family, come join us!
• Finger painting
• Canvas painting
• Create/decorate a picture frame
• Marble painting
• String painting
• And much more

Registration Info


Register by calling ACS at +1(608)388-7262 or send an email to: carmen.m.ortiz.civ@mail.mil

ACS events are open to Military, Retirees, Civilian workforce, Family Members and registered Fort McCoy Volunteers unless otherwise stated. Employees must contact their supervisors regarding dismissal from work centers.

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