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Paintball and Laser Tag

Featuring 3 outdoor courses (1 woods course and 2 field courses) including a unique 2-story castle constructed from railroad ties. It’s a great place to host a birthday or unit party!  Open to the public.

Making Reservations

Reservations by appointment only. Must be made at least 2 days in advance. A $50 deposit is required and will be applied to the total amount charged.

Call +1 (608)388-3517 or +1 (800)531-4703

Required Forms for Paintball Play

The following forms are required to participate in paintball:

Facility Rules

Playing Field Rules

  • Goggles must be on at all times on the field.
  • If your goggles fog up or if your vision is impaired during play, do not lift or wipe the lens, yell out "blind player", and stay where you are until the referee arrives.
  • Barrel plugs are to remain in gun at all times until the referee commands “barrel plugs out” for the start of the game.
  • When you are out of the game or the game is over, immediately insert the barrel plug and yell “dead man”. You are eliminated from the game if you or any part of your gun is hit by a shot the size of a quarter or larger.
  • If you aren’t sure if you are hit you can call for a paint check. You can also call for a paint check on another player. No blind firing.
  • You must be looking at what you are shooting. No shooting outside the field area. Anyone caught doing so will be responsible for damages and field’s loss of revenue.
  • Hot guns are not authorized.
  • Any player caught readjusting the velocity on the field will be removed for the day.
  • No refunds, no exceptions.
  • 3 shot rule: Players must not shoot another player more than 3 times without giving them a chance to yell "dead man."
  • Surrender rule: When within 5 feet you must give opponent a chance to surrender.

Staging Area and Safety Rules

  •  Barrel plugs should be in guns at all times
  • No dry fireing in staging area
  • Rental equipment cannot leave the staging area
  • Rental customer may not remove CO2 bottles from guns or attempt any repairs
  • No horseplay in staging area, i.e. pointing guns at other people, running, wrestling, etc. 

Paintball Rules

  • Use field paint only, there in no outside paint
  • Unused field paint may be used for future play
  • All personal paint markers entering and leaving the building must be in a container
  • Altercation/profanity will not be tolerated
  • Conduct yourself in a good sportsmanship manner
Rates Mil/DoD Public

Includes 500 paintballs, equipment (gun, mask, chest protector)and field fee.
Must be at least 10 years of age to play.









Add'l Paintballs $55 per case/$15 per bag    
Laser Tag
Includes equipment and field fee.










Tactics Paintball and Laser Tag is adjacent to Whitetail Ridge Ski Area located near Fort McCoy between Sparta and Tomah on Hwy 21 with the entrance approximately 1.6 miles west of the Fort McCoy Main gate. Watch for the Pine View Campground/Whitetail Ridge Ski Area signs and follow them to the paintball/laser tag field.

Mailing Address: 1668 South J St, Fort McCoy, WI 54656
Physical Address: West J St, Fort McCoy, WI 54656


From the La Crosse area:

1.  Take I90 East to WI Hwy 27 (Exit 25-Sparta/Melvina Exit, approximately 23 miles)

2.  Take a Left onto WI Hwy 27 (also known as Black River Street)

3.  Take a Right on Montgomery Street (3rd set lights from Interstate, approximately 2.5 miles)

4.  Go straight through the first stop sign

5.  Take a Left at the second Stop Sign (Hwy 21)

6.  Continue straight on WI Hwy 21 for approximately 7 miles

7.  Take a Left by the Pine View Campground/Whitetail Ridge Ski Area sign and follow the signs to the Ski Area/paintball/laser tag field.


From Madison/Tomah area:

1.  Take I94 to Tomah (exit 143 Tomah/Fort McCoy)

2.  Take a Left onto WI Hwy 21 (west) 

3.  Go straight through 2 sets of stop lights (you will pass Subway and at the second set of lights a Super Wal-Mart)

4.  Continue straight on WI Hwy 21 for approximately 9 miles

5.  Take a Right by the Pine View Campground/Whitetail Ridge Ski Area sign and follow the signs to the Ski Area/ paintball/laser tag field.

If you have any problems finding Whitetail Ridge Ski Area/Paintball/laser tag field, please call Pine View Campground 608-388-3517.


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