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Fort McCoy Triad Cup


The Fort McCoy Triad Cup is a yearlong series of sporting events and community activities designed to promote unit morale, Esprit de Corps, teamwork, physical fitness, development of leadership skills and sportsmanship.


Participation in the Triad Cup is open to all Military personnel, Directorates, tenant organizations, and DoD Civilians on Fort McCoy.


To register, a designated POC for each team must submit a completed Letter of Intent Form (click here) via email at: or or in person at Rumpel Fitness Center (B1122).

Physical forms can be found at Rumpel Fitness Center (B1122).

Triad Cup Forms Physical forms can be found at Rumpel Fitness Center (B1122).

  • Letter of Intent (a designated POC for each team must submit a completed Letter of Intent)
  • Team Roster (a team roster must be submitted before each Triad Cup event)
  • Liability Waiver (all Triad Cup participants must have a signed liability waiver on file with the Fort McCoy Sports and Fitness Branch)
How it Works

Participation in the Triad Cup program is open to all military personnel (reserve, national guard, or active), all directorates, tenant agencies, and Department of Defense civilians on Fort McCoy. ​

  • Participants must be a CAC-holder​
  • Family members are encouraged to participate in the Triad Cup events but their points/participation do not add to a team's overall score​
  • Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age to take part in any sporting event.​

Teams must be made up of personnel from the same unit, directorate or organization.  Larger organizations may have multiple teams representing them.​

  • If there are multiple teams representing one organization, their scores remain separate and are not added together​
  • One participant cannot join multiple teams at the same event. ​

A registered team does not have to participate in each of the Triad Cup event or tournaments, although that will significantly affect their team's annual score.

Games or tournaments may be postponed or canceled if multiple units are unable to attend due to military commitments for which more than 50% of their team roster is impacted.​

Registering a Team

To register, a designated POC for each team must submit a completed Letter of Intent form (download here) via email at: or or in person at Rumpel Fitness Center (B1122).

Once a team is registered to participate in the Triad Cup, the POC must enroll their team for each individual event.​

  • The POC will receive an email with the following information prior to each scheduled event:​
  1. The event timeline and rules​
  2. Number of participants required (if applicable)​
  3. Scoring system and how the points will be awarded​
  4. Deadline for returning the team roster and liability waivers​
  5. A blank Team Roster Form and Liability Waivers that they will be responsible for returning to the Sports and Fitness branch prior to the deadline​
  • The participants for each event do not have to be the same, we encourage everyone to find an event they want to do to represent their unit, directorate or organization​

  • Day of event changes to the roster are handled on a case by case basis

  • The POC is responsible for ensuring all information received via email will be disseminated to those in their unit, directorate, or organization and that the required minimum participants attend the event​

If a team is short on their roster in order to meet the minimum required participants, please contact the Sports and Fitness office as we may be able to assist in filling those spots so that your team can participate.


Teams earn points which accumulate towards the Triad Cup Award. Sometimes the points are accumulated as a team and sometimes for participation. ​

  • Participation Points: (non-competitive) Points are awarded for the number of people from your unit, directorate or organization that partake in the event. Examples include the Haunted Trails and the snow tubing events. ​
  • Team Points: (competitive) Points are awarded based on how the score outcome of the event. Examples include the flag football game and the axe throwing tournament. (1st place gets 100pts, 2nd place gets 95pts, 3rd place gets 90pts, etc)​

At the end of 12 months, the Triad Cup Award is presented to the unit, directorate, or organization with the most accumulated points. The award will be presented in April.