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Unit Funds

Unit funds are available for units on Annual Training (AT) / Extended Combat Training (ECT), isolated units, and on post units. 

Please see the forms attached below or call the Unit Funds Office for instructions on unit fund requirements. Completed forms may be sent via email to

Fort McCoy Contact Information

The Unit Funds Office is located at 1668 South J Street, across from the MWR Car Wash. 
The hours of operation are Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Contact Phone: +1 (608)388-2507 or +1 (608)388-2202.

Annual Training (AT) & Extended Combat Training (ECT) Unit Funds

Dividends for AT/ECT must be requested within 3 days of arriving at Fort McCoy.  It is encouraged that dividend money be used at a Fort McCoy MWR facility.  Year-round, fragmented, or modular training requests will be submitted annually, to arrive no later than October 10th for the prior fiscal year. 

AT/ECT Unit Fund Instructions

Fund Custodian Appointment Memo

Request for Payment (Unit Orders)


Isolated Unit Funds (IUF/Full Time (FT)) Unit Funds

Fort McCoy serves Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa & Michigan

IUF Instructions

SOP - Procedure for Payment of Isolated Unit Funds

Request for Validation

Fund Custodian Appointment Memo

Request for Payment


Outside Area Unit Funds Contacts
Installation Area of Responsibility Unit Fund Coordinator Contact Information
Fort Lewis Washington, Oregon, Idaho, & Montana Fort Lewis IMWRF Director of FMWR Financial Management Division Box 33066 Fort Lewis, WA 98433-9500 (253) 967-7833, DSN 357-7833, FAX 7222
Fort Irwin California & Nevada Fort Irwin IMWRF (AFZJ-PAF) PO Box 105094 Fort Irwin, CA  92310-5094 (760) 380-3348, DSN 470-3348
Fort Huachuca Arizona & New Mexico Fort Huachuca IMWRF  (IMWR-HUA-MWN) PO Box 12100 Fort Huachuca, AZ 85670 (520) 533-1133, DSN 821-1133
Fort Carson Colorado, Utah & Wyoming Fort Carson IMWRF Financial Management Division Bldg 1217 PO Box 13606 Fort Carson, CO 80913-5019 (719) 526-5580, DSN 691-5580
Fort Riley    Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota & North Dakota Fort Riley IMWRF Director of FMWR Financial Management Branch PO Box 2368 Fort Riley, KS 66442 (785) 239-3796, DSN 856-3796
Fort Sill  Oklahoma & Arkansas  Fort Sill IMWRF Financial Management division PO Box 33307 Fort Sill, OK 73503-5000 (580) 442-6102, DSN 639-6102
Fort Cavazos Texas Fort Cavazos IMWRF Director of FMWR (AFZF-CA-SSD-FMB) 1001 761st Tank BN Avenue Fort Cavazos, TX 76544-5024 (254) 287-9275, DSN 737-9275
Fort Leonard Wood Missouri & Illinois  Fort Leonard Wood Director of MWR 140 Replacement Avenue, Suite 1105 Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8935 (573) 596-0612, DSN 581-0612
Fort Polk Lousiana  Fort Polk IMWRF Financial Management Office PO Box 3909 Fort Polk, LA 71459 (337) 531-7421, DSN 863-7421
Fort Knox   Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio & West Virginia  Fort Knox IMWRF US Army Armor Center and Fort Knox 1681 Bullion Blvd, Bldg 4248 Fort Knox, KY  40121-2266 (502) 624-1005, DSN 464-1005
Fort Campbell  Tennessee  Fort Campbell IMWRF (CABC-FSSD) PO Box 475 Fort Campbell, KY 42223-5000 (270) 798-6818 DSN 635-6818
Fort Novosel   Alabama & Mississippi  Fort Novosel IMWRF Director, Family & MWR PO Drawer 620189 Fort Novosel, AL  36362-0189 (334) 255-9808, DSN 558-9808
Fort Drum    New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts  Fort Drum IMWRF Financial Mgmt Division PO Box 899 Fort Drum, NY  13603-0899 (315) 772-5844, DSN 772-5844
Fort Meade    Maryland, Pennsylvania & District of Columbia Fort Meade IMWRF Financial Mgmt Office PO Box 169 Roberts Avenue Fort Meade, MD  20755 (301) 677-3772, DSN 622-3772, FAX (301) 677-4901
Fort Dix New Jersey & Delaware Fort Dix IMWRF Director, Family and MWR Financial Mgmt Division PO Box H Fort Dix, NJ  08640 (609) 754-1617, DSN 650-1617
Fort Gregg-Adams Virginia Fort Gregg-Adams Director of Family and MWR 1611 B Avenue Bldg 4005, Rm 10 Fort Gregg-Adams, VA  23801-1799 (804) 734-7189/7184, DSN 687-7189/7184
Fort Bragg North Carolina Fort Bragg Garrison MWR Operating Entity DFMWR, Resource Mgmt Branch PO Box 70059 Fort Bragg, NC 28307-5000 (910) 396-9004, DSN 236-9004
Fort Jackson   South Carolina  Fort Jackson IMWRF DWRB Financial Mgmt Division (Unit Funds) Bldg 3392 Magruder Avenue Fort Jackson, SC  29207-5000 (803) 751-5928, DSN 734-5928
Fort Stewart Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, & Virgin Islands Fort Stewart HAAF IMWRF (UNIT FUNDS) PO Box 3597 Fort Stewart, GA 31314-5000 (912) 767-5139, DSN 870-5139
Fort Buchanan Units in South America Fort Buchanan IMWRF Financial Mgmt Division Bldg 1022C Fort Buchanan, PR 00934 (787) 707-5111, DSN 740-5111
Unit Party Information

Fort McCoy offers a variety of places to host a Unit Party.

Unit Party Information.pdf

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